The New Home of Web3 Port3 is Here

It has been a tough year with “Crypto Winter” claiming many projects as their victims. However, we are starting to finally see a sparkle in the darkness. Port3 Network has been keeping their head down and working through the negativity and is now completing its innovative platform to include a full suite of products with the launch of its new Minting Platform.  

According to a spokesperson from the company, there has never been a better time to launch a project like this because “it is in times of low that we need a tool to bring the whole crypto community together and that is exactly what we are working on at Port3”.  

The term Home of Web3 is more than just a slogan for this young and ambitious team of experts. It is their mission. Port3 aims to build an infrastructure for social networking. A space that everyone can join that is built to make people feel at home no matter what their background or what their origins are. A place where business leaders, crypto enthusiasts, or even new Web3 users who want to get a deeper understanding of the industry can get together to discuss web3, collaborate with each other, run marketing campaigns, do AMAs and call home. The sky is the limit. All of that is made possible with the tools and products that Port3 is coming out with. 

New products for a new Web3 era 

It is no surprise there can be no great idea coming to life without a clear execution plan. The team of experts working at Port3 Network know it well.  

Starting with a UI revamp coming up this month to make their suite of products more user-friendly, the protocol is building an entire ecosystem of built on two aspects:  

  • Product Discovery: The goal is to capture the entire product discovery space in Web3. This will allow anyone who onboards onto Port3 Network to easily discover new products through a dedicated page. Combined with a fully built out task platform called SoQuest and Port3’s newly launched Minting System. This will allow a seamless way to attract and retain Web3 users. 
  • Marketing: Marketing is a fundamental component for every project. Port3’s main value proposition for projects is that these projects can leverage Port3’s extensive network to jump start their marketing. SoQuest is a task platform that can help any project bootstrap traffic and create a buzz in the market. 

As the new “Home of Web3”, Port3 aims to enhance its marketing efforts using SoQuest campaigns, AMAs and dedicated newsletters.  

The project is also scaling up on its own campaigns. There are currently a few World Cup campaigns that are generating a lot of buzz and bringing eyeballs to its partner projects. SoQuest also brings a lot of new users into the ecosystem which was a surprising result of creating a strong product as cited by the team.  

How to get involved 

Port3 is always looking for more ambassadors to join the team in order to market the brand and spread the word to their respective communities. Other than ambassadors, the company has many openings for developers and marketing positions. 

They also host multiple AMAs each week, so you should definitely keep an eye on their social media if you are planning on getting involved. 

If you are a project looking to join the Port3 ecosystem and leverage the benefits of the platform, you should also reach out. The Port3 team can help put the spotlight on any partner projects and attract more users, so they get the strong traffic injection needed to kickstart any project. 

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