Bitcoin as Collateral

There will only ever be 21 million bitcoin. Even though it's volatile, this hard cap on supply creates an incentive to hold bitcoin to accumulate and build wealth in fiat terms.

However, despite becoming increasingly recognized as a medium of exchange, it can be difficult to use bitcoin as direct payment. The infrastructure necessary to transact in bitcoin isn’t widely acceptable yet and there may be tax implications from selling your bitcoin or using it to pay for any goods or services.  In other words, a bitcoiner would have no choice but to sell their bitcoin to pay for these expenses, incurring potential taxes, and foregoing the potential future appreciation of their bitcoin.

We founded Ledn to provide a new alternative - borrowing dollars using your bitcoin as collateral. Borrowing against your bitcoin does not have the same tax implications as selling it in most jurisdictions, and you continue to own the collateral, which can continue appreciating. We believe it’s the most