The Next-Generation Uniswap For Real-World Commerce? PointSwap Brings Popular Beauty and Fashion Brands To Web3

2022 Taipei Blockchain Week is set to see PointSwap, the next-generation Uniswap for real-world commerce, announce the onboarding of its first batch of popular consumer brands in the beauty and fashion industries. Through its partnership with Shiny Brands Group (6703.TWO), the parent company of several well-known e-commerce brands, PointSwap has taken a significant step towards its goal of bringing 1.5+ million consumers into Web3 by the first quarter of 2023.  

Is PointSwap Going To Build The Next-Generation Uniswap For Real-World Commerce?  

CEO Cheryl Chueh explained that PointSwap utilizes DeFi technologies to solve the pricing problems of loyalty assets. "Pricing loyalty assets can be a challenge, but with PointSwap, businesses can use Automated Market Makers (AMM) to determine prices without the need for lengthy commercial negotiations," said Chueh. "In this way, PointSwap is like the Uniswap of real-world commerce, providing a decentralized platform for businesses and consumers to swap loyalty points freely and easily." 

How Can PointSwap Make It Easy For Users To Try Their First Blockchain Product? 

CTO Scott Tsai explained that PointSwap is focused on making it easy for users to try out their first blockchain product. "Over 95% of our target users have no experience with blockchain technology," said Tsai. "That's why we've developed a protocol that could seamlessly integrate with existing e-commerce platforms. This means that users don't need a Metamask wallet or any knowledge of DeFi in order to use PointSwap. In fact, users can manage their loyalty assets from various brands, retailers, and service providers in one place without knowing that they're using blockchain technology when they use our platform."  

PointSwap: Bringing Blockchain Technology To The Real World With E-Commerce Partnerships 

PointSwap is a pioneer in the Web3 loyalty point exchange space and is leading the charge in bringing blockchain technology to the real world. As more and more assets are being moved onto the blockchain, it is important for these assets to have real-world value. This is where PointSwap comes in. By starting with e-commerce and partnering with beauty and fashion brands, PointSwap aims to attract young users to the world of Web3. The company's ultimate goal is to become the Uniswap of real-world commerce. This would make it the go-to platform for exchanging real-world assets on the blockchain. 

About PointSwap 

PointSwap is a Web3 loyalty point exchange that brings popular consumer brands to the Web3 community. The company uses Automated Market Makers (AMM) to solve the pricing problems of loyalty assets. The company is partnering with leading brands and service providers to bring blockchain technology to the real world.  



About Shiny Brands Group 

Shiny Brands was established in 2009, and quickly grew to become a global market leader in the cosmetics industry. The company has a decade of experience in the industry, and is known for its innovative products, including its popular mask line. Shiny Brands has won numerous awards for its products, and is widely regarded as a top choice among female consumers. 



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