TRON DAO Commits $100M for Artificial Intelligence Development Fund

Geneva, Switzerland / February 13, 2023 / – TRON DAO announced last week the establishment of a $100M USD Artificial Intelligence Development Fund

Three areas of focus have been initially identified: 

  • A.I. Service Payment Platform
  • A.I. Infused Oracles
  • A.I. Generated Content. 

However, innovators and developers whose imaginations arrive at further use cases should absolutely consider applying for funding. 

A.I. Service Payment Platform 

TRON’s industry-leading decentralized financial infrastructure is ripe for A.I. infusion, as it will enable self-learning, on-the-go, adaptable capabilities in all aspects of decentralized commerce, including:

  • Smart contracts
  • Payment layer protocols 
  • Payment gateways 
  • Currency settlement

A.I. Oracle 

TRON’s efficient and inexpensive blockchain network, along with its data-focused Layer2 blockchain, the BitTorrent Chain, are perfectly oriented for A.I. integration, as its fully decentralized file storage system (BTFS) is leveraged to achieve intelligent management of data, including underlying calling SDKs and API communication. 

A.I. Generated Content 

Integrating A.I. tools into content generation will increase efficiency and allow for on-the-go user research to inform creators and developers of market wants and needs. A.I. will also enhance NFT utilization by constantly learning advanced ways to create as well as utilize NFTs. 

Casting Vision

H.E. Justin Sun, founder of TRON and Ambassador of Grenada to the WTO, tweeted on February 6, 2023, a thread, summarized here:

  • WINkLink, the first comprehensive oracle of TRON’s ecosystem, combined with the DeFi applications JUST and SUN, all relying on the powerful computing and analysis capabilities of A.I., will together enable efficient management for on-chain assets.
  • A.I. integration in smart contract development will allow for more intelligently and effectively created, deployed, and executed smart contracts.
  • The APENFT Marketplace will offer A.I. infusion for users in its NFT marketplace. 
  • TRON’s robust blockchain commerce system provides the best infrastructure for a shared A.I. economy, including the tokenization of artificial intelligence services.


The result of blending A.I. and blockchain tech will be a new, decentralized, intelligent ecosystem that is secure, trustworthy, tamper-proof, uncensorable, and adaptable. The hope of the initiative is that developers are inspired to use A.I. in current as well as future applications built on the TRON blockchain, AND that they apply for grants to help them do so.

When asked, “Which blockchain is integrating artificial intelligence,” ChatGPT responded, “Currently none.” In the near future, with the self-learning capability of A.I., that answer is sure to change. It’s yet another way TRON is empowering decentralized commerce and community for every person on the planet. 

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