Onboarding in Web3

Attributed to Canaan Linder, CEO, Stardust

With 61% of the global gaming market being mobile, it’s crucial that Web3 games be playable, low-friction, and fun for mobile users. However, while blockchain based mobile games have become more playable and fun, the friction in joining a blockchain-based game has not improved. With 43% of mobile users simply abandoning a game because of a sign-in process that takes more than a few seconds, it is table-stakes that user onboarding be as seamless in blockchain based games as it is for non-blockchain games. 

There are companies saying they’ve solved these onboarding issues for Web3 gaming, but they don’t come close to the seamless onboarding that players expect. Solutions like Venly, Sequence, and Magic Link make the sign-in experience easier, but players are presented in-game with a foreign, high-friction user experience, leading to large scale player drop off and frustration before they start. 

The only option for mainstream adoption is to make the Web3 gaming experience as seamless as it is in non-blockchain games today. This is accomplished in two ways:  

  1. Custodial wallets. The best way to ensure that users are getting the great onboarding experience they expect is simple, don’t change it. With custodial wallets, game developers can easily create a blockchain wallet for every user on the backend of their game, with no need for player’s to do anything extra to interact with the Web3 game or blockchain ecosystem. Sign-in and play. 
  2. Seamless in-game interactions. Player’s should be interacting with the game without the need to sign transactions, pay gas fees, worry about private keys, or even know that any of those concepts exist. Game developers must be able to translate user interactions in-game, into blockchain based interactions without the user even knowing about it.  

5 years ago, I was a software engineer at Bloomberg and couldn’t buy a CryptoKitty, even with all the guides and tutorials online. I knew that if I could barely figure it out with my knowledge of how these engineering systems work, then how could a player without any technical ability? Starting with that small idea, we set out to build a company that would allow developers to truly combine the incredible user experience of games today, with the transformative change that is NFTs.  

At Stardust, we make it easy for developers to create incredible NFT-based games by providing them a seamless, blockchain-agnostic, custodial and low-code solution to integrate NFTs into their games. We work with game developers like Tilting Point, Midnight Society, and Pixels Online to onboard millions of players into blockchain-based games through seamless user experiences and integrated custodial wallets. Our mission is to make NFTs accessible for everyone through mainstream adoption of blockchain technology, providing the gaming industry the platform needed to take advantage of this 10x technological advancement. 

Stardust makes it easy for game developers to onboard players and retain them through frictionless blockchain integration and NFT asset interaction in-game. Reach out to get started with incorporating web3 technologies into your game today. 

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