Making Bitcoin backed loans easier

In the world of asset-backed lending, the concept of margin calls is nothing new. Offering a collateral asset allows the lender to offer a better rate, as it can be sold in case of default. In most cases, the value of the asset must greatly surpass the amount of the loan. If the value of the collateral asset rises, everybody wins. If the price of the collateral asset drops, the lender must either pay the loan down, or post more collateral. This process has historically been known as a “margin call” and needless to say, it is a less-than-ideal experience for both parties. 

Using bitcoin as collateral to get a dollar loan is becoming increasingly popular for many reasons. While Bitcoin has attributes that make it great collateral, it can be very volatile. And this means that, if you don’t plan correctly, you may be in a position where you have to add more collateral to your loan when you’re not physically able to. Whether you’re asleep or tied up, a market move when you’re unable to act is a bitcoin-backed loan borrower’s nightmare. We understand this, and it is something that we’ve been trying to address with technology here at Ledn.  

Offering safer loans means giving our clients better options to protect their collateral. Our clients come to us because they don’t want to sell their collateral in the first place, and we want to do whatever we can to help them protect it.  

First, we started by sending additional reminders and alerts when our client’s loans reached critical levels, and we simplified the collateral top-up process on the platform. It helped many clients, but that still wasn’t enough - we needed to make the process even easier. 

Later, we introduced the ability to instantly process transfer assets from our client’s Savings Accounts to their Loan Collateral address, so they would not have to wait for standard processing times or on-chain confirmations - and that helped even more clients. 

But again, it wasn’t enough. Bitcoin trades 24/7 and we have clients all over the world. Regardless of when Bitcoin moved, some of our clients were inevitably asleep, or unable to access the internet - and they had the risk of being liquidated during a price drop. And so, we introduced Auto Top Up, a feature that does exactly what the name suggests; automatically tops up your loan collateral during periods of price volatility, pulling directly from your Ledn Savings account.  

Since we’ve introduced the feature, more and more clients have been activating it. For those who have activated the Auto Top-Up, none have been liquidated during market volatility thanks to the feature. 

With features like this, we’re working to make sure Ledn is one of the safest and most user-friendly lending platform in the industry.  


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