Swarm Network Increases Rewards to Node Operators

Without a doubt, the future of data is decentralized. Centralized cloud storage solutions have their qualities and have served well their purpose since the inception of the internet and the web as we know it. However, they are not necessarily well suited for data to be controlled by users and to support web3 and its decentralized needs. Centralized solutions are here to stay, alongside decentralized storage that brings diversity and choice to users and individuals for higher control over their data, their privacy and propriety. 

The future of our relationship with data is decentralized storage at Swarm: a censorship-resistant, unstoppable and serverless data storage and distribution technology. 

Earn to Store

With the launch of its storage incentives program in December 2022, Swarm reached a significant milestone in the development of its Network. It is now possible to earn rewards for running a node in Swarm and being a critical participant in the Network’s functioning.

The incentive system has been running smoothly since its launch. Rigorous testing has confirmed the fair distribution of rewards, per the system’s intended design. The next step is the planned increase of the fees pertaining to the use of the Network, which means an increase in the rewards distributed to node operators. It is possible it’ll ensure a roughly 6000x increase in the total earnings for Storers, to better match the market values of the services. 

By valuing decentralization, the Network is now self-sustainable, where all actors are incentivised to use Swarm over and alongside other solutions.

Playing the Schelling Game

Swarm’s incentivization model works with a simple but effective principle—Uploaders pay, Storers earn. This ensures optimum utilization and availability of storage resources on the Network. 

Redistributing the storage fees among storers is one of the protocol’s key functions. Swarm ensures complete fairness