Sony NFTs: New patent filed by gaming and entertainment powerhouse

Quick Take

  • The gaming giant filed a patent that would allow consumers to use NFTs both inside and outside the Sony ecosystem.
  • The move could be a major boon for the future of web3 gaming.
  • NFTs could be used on gaming consoles “made by Microsoft or Nintendo,” the filing also said.

Sony Interactive Entertainment, the company that produces the wildly popular Playstation gaming console and has released a host of popular video games, filed a patent request for NFTs in an effort to provide more flexibility with in-game assets.

In Sony’s filing, dated last week, the company outlined how it wants gamers to be able to use NFTs across different games and platforms, including those produced by rival console makers like Microsoft and Nintendo. “[T]he NFT is provided to the [user] … so that the digital asset may be used, via the NFT, across plural different computer simulations and/or across plural different computer simulation platforms,” the filing said. “Ownership of the NFT may also be subsequently transferred to other [users] … for their own use across differ