Chainstack launches Subgraphs, an on-chain indexing tool for 13 blockchains

Quick Take

  • Chainstack has released Subgraphs, a blockchain data indexing solution for real-time on-chain data access.
  • The solution streamlines data extraction from Ethereum and other blockchains, enabling fast syncs for developers.

Chainstack, a web3 infrastructure firm, has released Subgraphs, a blockchain data indexing tool intended to deliver real-time on-chain data access for applications such as crypto projects, exchanges, wallets, and NFT and gaming platforms.

An on-chain data indexer extracts and organizes data from a blockchain's transaction history in a format that is easily searchable and accessible. This makes it easier for developers to access and analyze blockchain data and enables the creation of decentralized applications that interact with the blockchain in real-time.

According to a release, Chainstack Subgraphs supports 13 major blockchains at launch, including Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, Avalanche, Optimism, Arbitrum, Near, Aurora, Fantom, Gnosis, Harmony and Cronos.

Chainstack's solution aims to streamline the extraction and processing of data from archive nodes on Ethereum and other blockchains, enabling developers to query real-time on-chain data with fast syncs. It aims to compete with existing indexing solutions such as The Graph, Covalent and Dune Analytics.

It complements Chainstack's existing multi-chain node and data APIs offering, as well as other tools for building applications across popular blockchains and web3 protocols.

Subgraphs aims to simplify on-chain data access

By providing a single access point for data across all supported protocols with Subgraphs, Chainstack aims to help teams begin using the indexer through a hosted service. By using a hosted service, developers can focus on building applications without worrying about the complexities of extracting, indexing and maintaining the data themselves.

"We are excited to launch the Chainstack Subgraphs and maximize the value of our platform, providing web3 developers and businesses with a simple and reliable way to access on-chain data," said Eugene Aseev, founder and chief technology officer at Chainstack.

The team claimed that Chainstack Subgraphs aims to fill any potential gaps with the gradual sunsetting of a hosted on-chain indexing solution offered by The Graph, one of the most-widely used data indexers in the crypto space. In mid 2022, The Graph said it would discontinue support for its hosted service in favor of a more decentralized, open architecture.

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