Relation Protocol Announces Tokenomics for its Native Token, REL, Empowering Web3 Social User Onboarding


·  Relation, a groundbreaking decentralized social graph protocol, has announced the tokenomics for its native token, REL. With this, the protocol is set to empower social dapps and communities to onboard more social users to Web3, revolutionizing the social networking landscape.

SINGAPORE- Today, Relation, an innovative decentralized social graph protocol, announced the tokenomics for its native utility and governance token, REL. With a total supply of 1 billion tokens, the REL token is designed to fuel the Relation ecosystem and provide users with a host of utilities, thereby redefining the social networking landscape through decentralization and token-based incentives. 

About Relation 

Relation is a decentralized social graph protocol that creates an account system and a decentralized data layer on top of existing blockchains. This approach enables the creation of complex, linked data structures with built-in privacy and interoperability features to create a more transparent, equitable, and user-centric social networking experience. By leveraging RDF, the graph data model, Relation is building the semantic layer on Web3 that allows the integration of AI algorithms to enable personalized and smart Web3 experiences. By standardizing the data format and programmable social privacy, Relation empowers developers to create dapps with meaningful relationship management within communities. Through its native token, REL, Relation empowers users to take control of their social networking experience and actively participate in platform governance.

Allocation of Relation Tokens

The distribution of the 1 billion REL tokens is as follows:

Team and advisers*



Private sale**



Listing and liquidity






Ecosystem incentives



Ecosystem operations

Developer community



Marketing and Operations


DAO reserve






*   10% unlock 6 months after TGE, followed by a 6-month cliff, and following that 36-month monthly release

**  16% unlock 3 months after TGE, followed by a 6-month cliff, and following that 18-month quarterly release

*** 10% unlock after TGE,  and following that 365 daily release.


Utility of the REL Token 

The REL token, as an integral part of the Relation ecosystem, offers multiple utilities:

  • Network support in future scalability solutions: The REL token will be used to support scalability solutions in the future, ensuring smooth and efficient network operations.
  • Social credential validators: REL tokens can be staked to validate social credentials within the Relation protocol, further enhancing the platform's trust and credibility. 
  • Protocol governance: Token holders will have a say in the future development and decision-making process of the Relation protocol, creating a truly decentralized platform.
  • Staking for raising proposals: REL holders can stake their tokens to raise proposals and earn rewards, stimulating active participation and community engagement.
  • Payment for protocol services: Users can utilize their REL tokens to pay for various services within the Relation protocol, for example, minting of a .soul profile.

" By unveiling the REL token and its utility within our ecosystem, we are taking a significant step forward in our mission to empower decentralized social networking," says Jessica Chang, Founder of Relation. "Our commitment lies in creating a truly decentralized and democratic social platform that not only promotes meaningful tokenized relationship management and AI-powered community building but also fosters seamless onboarding of social users to Web3."

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