Aptos and Pyth team up to deliver sub-second oracle updates

Quick Take

  • The Aptos Foundation and Pyth Data Association are collaborating to provide DeFi applications with sub-second price feeds on Aptos.

The Aptos Foundation and Pyth Data Association have joined forces to deliver sub-second oracle updates on Aptos.

The partnership introduces an automated price scheduler. The scheduler regularly updates a set of price feeds for Aptos’s Layer 1 blockchain, providing developers with low-latency price oracle infrastructure and sub-second price updates to enhance the efficiency of their DeFi applications, according to a Pyth blog post

Developers can access Pyth’s feeds natively on Aptos to leverage real-time asset prices aggregated from external sources like Jane Street, CBOE, Binance, OKX and Bybit. Aptos DeFi projects, including Thala Labs, Tsunami Finance, Aries Markets, ABEL Finance and Aptin Finance already utilize Pyth data.

DeFi protocols require access to real-world price data to interact with off-chain information that's needed for their applications.

Pyth said the move was part of its commitment to support fairer and more transparent markets. “This partnership is a major step towards empowering Aptos developers and streamlining the adoption and accessibility of real-time, institutional-quality oracle data across the Aptos landscape,” Aptos Foundation ecosystem lead Bashar Lazaar added.

Pull model

Rather than the push model used by most oracles in DeFi — where off-chain processes continuously send transactions to update on-chain prices — Pyth's permissionless pull oracle model allows applications to access price feeds once per second, paying only for the prices they request or "pull" on-chain. Its pull system offers over 250 price feeds across five major asset classes, with significant gas efficiencies, high-frequency price updates and low-latency access to the latest prices, Pyth said.

"Cultivating strong partnerships is essential to achieving our goal of providing reliable, real-time financial data to the decentralized finance ecosystem," Pyth Data Association director Mike Cahill added. "This strategic partnership with the Aptos Foundation will allow us to focus on improving and expanding our network while making it even easier for developers and users alike to use Pyth feeds.”

Aptos is a relatively new Layer 1 blockchain based on the Move programming language developed at Meta. It aims to offer a faster and more scalable alternative to other networks. Pyth is an oracle network, securing over $2 billion in value.

Last month, Pyth and Lido launched the Pyth stETH/USD price feed, providing real-time, secure price data for staked ether (stETH) across more than 20 blockchains.

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