Nil Foundation partners with Fabric Cryptography for decentralized marketplace

Quick Take

  • The firms intend to create faster, more scalable, more private and interoperable zero-knowledge computing through their partnership.

ZK tech developer Nil Foundation, also known as "=nil; Foundation," partnered with cryptographic hardware producer Fabric Cryptography to build a decentralized marketplace for cryptography and outsourced proof generation, with the ultimate goal of facilitating faster, more scalable, more private and interoperable zero-knowledge computing.

"Cryptography has a problem," Fabric CEO Michael Gao said in a statement. "New protocols, new coins, and new projects mushroom every day. The public continues to associate blockchain technology with speculation and a lack of real-world application."

"Developers will appreciate the hardware-accelerated performance of zkLLVM circuits for proving computations, while proof generators can enjoy enhanced profitability with Fabric’s VPU on the Proof Market,” Nil Foundation founder Mikhail Komarov said in the statement.

Nil Foundation unveiled its premier zero-knowledge builder zkLLVM in February that allows developers to use popular coding languages such as C++ to build Ethereum chains and applications, forgoing the need to learn new programming languages.

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