TRON DAO’s Recent Achievements: From TRON Builder Tour Stops to HackaTRON Season 5 Finale

The past few months have been nothing short of dynamic for TRON DAO. Every event has further solidified TRON’s position in the blockchain space. Reflecting on our recent achievements and planning ahead, the enthusiasm in the TRON community is evident.

The second half of the TRON Builder Tour started at Stanford with over 50 participants attending. A diverse spectrum of blockchain enthusiasts, developers, and students all connected, making this event an opportunity for innovation. Beyond the $500 worth of bounties and pitching opportunities in collaboration with HTX Ventures, formerly known as Huobi Ventures, Stanford was where the future of blockchain seemed to be taking shape. As we transitioned to the Princeton University stop, in collaboration with the Princeton Blockchain Club, nearly 100 participants attended, ranging from students and blockchain professionals. A prize pool of $8,000 was awarded, along with insights from industry experts in the blockchain space. Congratulations to the projects who won:


  • 1st Place: DevChain ($1,250)
  • 2nd Place: Cabby ($1,000)
  • 3rd Place: Troncert ($750)
  • Runner-Ups: TronXChange, print(“”) break, and TRON Ethereum Bridge ($500 each)


  • 1st Place: JustBetNFT ($1,250)
  • 2nd Place: TRONDER ($1,000)


  • 1st Place: TronFusion ($1,250)

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With the Mediterranean breeze calling, our next stop for the TRON Builder Tour is at Barcelona on October 3 and co-hosted with Arkham Intelligence, a platform dedicated to deanonymizing the blockchain. The hands-on sessions, TRON-centric giveaways, and the much-anticipated raffles are our way of saying that the future of blockchain is here. Make sure to RSVP to this event using our event page.

Amidst the TRON Builder Tour, another event is approaching its end: HackaTRON Season 5. With nearly 3,200 submissions so far. This season, in collaboration with HTX Ventures and BitTorrent Chain (BTTC), is not just about competition, but about opportunities. Participants stand a chance to secure funding from industry giants such as TRON DAO Ventures and HTX Ventures. Beyond monetary support, applicants can gain access to our expansive partner network, paving the way for collaborations. There is also a whopping $500,000* prize pool up for grabs across the 5 tracks. HackaTRON's latest season is shaping up to be more than just a contest; it's an accelerator for the next generation of blockchain innovators. Make sure to submit your project before October 6 through the TRON DAO HackaTRON Season 5 page.

Note: All prizes are issued in USDD, not USD

*Qualifying HackaTRON Season 5 participants are eligible to receive issuance of awards in USDD.

These recent endeavors underscore TRON DAO's unwavering commitment to the blockchain space. As we brace ourselves for the future, we extend our deepest appreciation to our active community, steadfast partners, and everyone who has participated in these major events with us. 


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