This artist is tokenizing his body, selling tattoo 'lots' for stablecoins

Quick Take

  • An artist in South Carolina is “tokenizing” his body 
  • That is to say, he’s letting would-be token buyers pay for tattoos on certain parts of his body. 

It's no secret that Crypto Twitter is a pretty wild — and at times bizarre — place, and it might have just gotten a little weirder. 

South Carolina-based artist @shitcoinhodler, who goes by the name "Bishop," is tokenizing himself by selling different parts of his body for what he is calling people's "tattooing pleasure." 

In a series of tweets posted earlier this week, Bishop shared a link to his profile on Rarible, a marketplace where artists can create and sell digital collectibles using blockchain, on which he posted photos of different "lots," or locations on his body. 

"Let me be your canvas," he wrote.

Bishop marks off locations on his body and tokenizes them like real estate lots. The rules are pretty simple: customers must buy the lot they are interested in and pay for construction, which means they can decide on the tattoo design and also must pay for Bishop to get it done. Customers can make payments in DAI, USDT, sUSD or USDc, and the tattoos will be created at Blu Gorilla Tattoo in Charleston, South Carolina. Customers must pay for the tattoo in advance. 

"I will do requests, but I’m not going to do my face or anything, although I have already been asked for forehead and unmentionables," Bishop told The Block. "Maybe it was a joke... maybe I would tattoo the unmentionables for say... $250,000, but not the forehead."

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