Veil fires up its M&A activity as it acquires an Augur startup

Quick Take

  • Veil has acquired Predictions.Global, the popular webpage for reviewing Augur’s decentralized prediction-markets data
  • The purchase is said to form part of Veil’s goal to make Augur’s platform accessible to the mainstream through user-friendly interfaces

Veil, a trading platform built on Augur's decentralized prediction markets, has bought Texas-based Predictions.Global, the main web portal for reviewing Augur's stakes and prices. The purchase took place "a couple months ago," co-founder, Paul Fletcher-Hill told The Block, and the official announcement is expected later today.

Augur allows users to create and trade predictions on a variety of topics from sports, to elections, to crypto prices without the need for centralized market makers, but its interface can be confusing and time-consuming. Last year, Predictions.Global launched a user-friendly website allowing thousands of users to browse Augur's markets through a simple and easy shortcut. It has since become the primary site for accessing Augur's market data, although it does not itself facilitate trades.

Meanwhile, Veil launched its Augur-based trading platform earlier this month, offering a more streamlined interface which eliminates the need to download the Augur app and sync it to Ethereum’s network. Its goal is to make Augur mainstream, its founders recently told The Block.

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