New York users can still use Bitfinex with a minor fib and a click of a button

Quick Take

  • Bitfinex and the New York Attorney General’s Office have been locked in a legal battle since April
  • Currently, the issue of New York jurisdiction has been particularly salient to the case, with the two arguing over whether the exchange falls under the purview of the NYAG
  • An anonymous account holder found that New York-based users are still able to utilize the exchange by selecting that they are not a U.S. resident when prompted by the site at sign-up
A New York-based Bitfinex account holder has revealed it’s still pretty easy to transact through Bitfinex as a U.S. user, despite the purported ban of stateside traders. The user, who has asked to remain anonymous, created an account called “ImaNYresident” and accessed Bitfinex from within the borders of the State of New York. The account […]

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