SEC Commissioner Roisman steps down two years ahead of schedule

Elad Roisman, a commissioner of the Securities and Exchange Commission, ended his term on Friday.

As The Block reported at the time, Roisman announced his departure in December, immediately before the holidays. His statement upon leaving was as brief as his initial announcement, noting only "I will always be grateful for the time I have been able to work alongside my fellow Commissioners and the thousands of dedicated SEC staff, who not only believe in this mission, but unceasingly demonstrate their commitment to it through action."

Originally a Trump appointee, Roisman began his term in 2018. It was a term originally set to last until 2023, though such turnovers are not unusual during handoffs between presidential administrations.

Still, that will leave the commission short one member, with Hester Peirce the sole remaining Republican. The Biden administration has yet to indicate its intended replacement, who will also be a Republican per commission tradition.

The administration has, however, faced slow going when it comes to its roster of appointees, and many major regulatory positions have remained vacant or occupied on an acting basis.