Outlier Ventures plans to dedicate $30M to promote Web 3.0 adoption

Blockchain venture capital firm Outlier Ventures has announced it is launching a Diffusion Programme aiming to promote Web 3.0-related adoption and innovation. The company is aiming to provide companies and institutions $30 million for the next three years to ease the crypto winter and thus support the adoption of its portfolio of decentralized companies.


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The Diffusion Programme contains a program for “engaging developers around OV’s vision of the ‘convergence stack’ of protocols” and developing proof of concept programs. Its plan also contains an ‘in-market’ accelerator program for start-ups, guiding young companies in growing real-world take-up. It’s also going to partner up with academia to work out solutions to technical problems Outlier Ventures portfolio companies face.

“Our Diffusion Programme isn’t just focused on our portfolio’s technologies,” said Lawrence Lundy-Bryan, OV's Head of Research. “We’ve recently mapped out the different layers of decentralised technologies we believe are necessary for Web 3.0 to challenge today’s broken Web - from applications to foundational infrastructure. After a period of frenzied experimentation the industry must now address how it triggers real interest and demand from a critical mass of actual users to benefit from tokenized mechanisms of incentives and disincentives.”