Blockchain should be required for international shipping, FedEx CIO says

FedEx is pushing for the creation of a standardised ledger for manufacturers and shipping companies, ComputerWorld writes. According to FedEx CIO Rob Carter, enterprise blockchain adoption should be enforced by the government. He noted that enforcing mandated blockchain standards would enable a chain of custody for border agents to track goods. Currently, the information that accompanies an international package, such as certificates of origin, and commodity-specific licenses, is sent in digital or paper form.

“As we move toward a more digital world, blockchain is where you piece all that together," Carter said at the Blockchain Global Revolution Conference. "We're not an organization that pushes for more regulatory control, but there are times regulatory mandates and pushes can be incredibly helpful."

FedEx has teamed up with DHL Express and UPS to create blockchain standards. The companies are members of the Blockchain in Transport Alliance which has gathered more than 500 members. The idea is to provide a transparent record on provenience and authenticity, with every authorised entity having access to real-time data about the supply chain.