Atomic Swap: Presented by Decred and Zebpay

Ditto PR and The Block are delighted to host "Atomic Swap" on Wednesday, May 15 in NYC during NYC Blockchain Week. In the words of Ditto PR founder Trey Ditto: "Speculative investments? Yawn. Crypto as a transformative technology? Been there, done that. Join @DittoPA and @TheBlock__ at #AtomicSwapNYC to be part of a new conversation on blockchain and crypto as a social and political movement."

We are thrilled that a unique group of leading companies, projects and people will be sharing insights on crypto through a very different lens than every other conference.

Atomic Swap is possible due to the generous support of Decred and Zebpay, two projects that have been terrific partners to Ditto PR in preparation for the event. Through their support, Atomic Swap has been able to attract an audience of 200 leaders from the crypto ecosystem who will challenge and engage with the ideas throughout the day.

Decred is a community-directed digital currency designed to be a superior store of value for generations to come. Its hybrid PoW+PoS consensus mechanism, transparent proposal and voting system, and continually funded treasury make it secure, adaptable, and self-sustaining. Decred's unique governance system is inclusive and decentralized, designed to empower stakeholders to collectively make and change the rules. The team launched its off-chain proposal system Politeia in late 2018. Since then, community members have voted to create a DEX, hire a PR firm (Ditto), deploy Lightning Network testnet, and further decentralize the Treasury.

Zebpay is a crypto exchange operating out of Singapore used by over 3M crypto traders in over 132 countries and supports fiat to crypto trading. The team just launched trading services in Australia and has opened a new office in Melbourne this week on the heels of a busy winter with the deployment of Lightning Network transactions and scraping trading fees to zero for all users.
Ditto PR, The Block, Decred and Zebpay look forward to meeting you next week at #AtomicSwapNYC!