HTC teams up with Kyber Network to offer exchange of ERC20 tokens

Electronics firm HTC has announced its blockchain smartphone EXODUS 1 will now allow users to exchange major ERC20 tokens like BAT, KNC, and DAI.

This has been made possible by integrating EXODUS 1's Zion Vault wallet with Kyber Network's liquidity protocol. All transactions take place on-chain in the Zion Vault and are traceable, meaning users do not need to resort to third-party exchanges.

The EXODUS 1, launched last year, already offers a series of decentralised solutions, including user key custody. The Zion Vault wallet also already supports cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ether, and litecoin as well as ERC-721 collectables. 

The company recently announced it will be releasing a second blockchain phone—EXODUS 1s—which will offer full node capabilities for the Bitcoin blockchain.