Facebook subsidiary Calibra might have a domain name

Facebook subsidiary, Calibra, may have a registered domain. The page calibra.com contains the logo used by the stablecoin’s governing group, indicating the domain is likely owned by the social media giant’s subsidiary.

Though the site contains a 404 error message, the source code reveals clues about the coming currency. It contains text of many fiat currencies across the globe, including the U.S. dollar, the euro, the Venezuelan bolivar, the Zimbabwean dollar and the Haitian gourde among others.

While it’s unclear what the inclusion of these fiats means for the currency, the code also bolsters reports that the currency can be used on messaging applications, including Facebook’s WhatsApp. Instagram and “messengerdotcom” also appear in the source code. Bloomberg reported last year that Facebook’s coming stablecoin could likely be used as a payment method within its messaging services.

The source code also contains references to seemingly random businesses. It's unclear why corporate entities such as KFC Thailand, Norwegian CruiseLine and BestBuy Mexico would be included in the code. They are not founding node holders, nor have they been reported to be involved in Facebook's blockchain efforts so far.