PayPal COO to leave company at end of 2019

PayPal Chief Operating Officer Bill Ready is set to leave the digital payments giant at the end of 2019, the firm announced on Thursday. Ready joined PayPal in 2013 when the firm acquired Braintree, a mobile payments system, he led as CEO. Ready rose up the ranks at PayPal, becoming the firm's COO in 2016. After leaving PayPal, Ready will "pursue entrepreneurial interests," the firm's statement notes.

“Since joining PayPal six years ago, I have had the privilege of working alongside many incredibly talented people, and I am proud of what we as a leadership team have accomplished together,” said Bill Ready. “The transformative work we are doing has positioned PayPal for success well into the future. I am excited for PayPal’s future and committed to using the coming months to ensure a smooth transition, and support the great team we have at PayPal.”

“Bill will always be an important part of the PayPal story,” said Dan Schulman, President and CEO.