tZERO launches digital wallet mobile app for iOS

Overstock's tZERO has announced the launch of a digital wallet and exchange services app. The “tZERO Crypto App” offers digital asset custody as well as a cryptocurrency market to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Currently the app supports bitcoin and Ethereum which it describes as “cryptocurrencies that have been vetted for longevity."

The app uses biometrics as an additional security measure. It has also implemented a private key recovery system so that users can restore their funds in case of key or mobile phone loss.

“We are excited to introduce the ability to trade and store cryptocurrencies in your mobile wallet,” said Saum Noursalehi, tZERO CEO. “The tZERO Crypto App is a significant milestone in our plans to provide an intuitive experience for trading all digital assets.”

tZERO Crypto App is available on iOS devices, with an Android app to be released soon.