R3 rolls out developer toolkit to create tokens on Corda blockchain

Enterprise blockchain software firm R3 has launched “Token SDK,” a developer toolkit to create native tokens on its Corda blockchain platform.

The kit will do for Corda, what ERC20 did for Ethereum, the firm said in a blog post on Monday. While Corda already allows developers to build out tokens, R3 said the kit will help them with a common way to create, issue and trade tokens.

“Emerging digital asset exchanges and businesses looking to securitize real-world assets, are already using the Token SDK to represent debt, equity and cash instruments on Corda, as well as exploring the tokenization of other goods, commodities and services,” R3 said.

SIX Digital Exchange and blockchain-powered gold and silver trading platform Tradewind Markets have been using Corda solution, among other firms. "We are building the future exchange for digital assets, so the ability to adapt and evolve the ecosystem over time is crucial,” said Sven Roth, chief digital officer at SIX Digital Exchange, on using the solution.