Libra Association’s head of product is out

Simon Morris, head of product at the Libra Association, the organization behind Facebook-led proposed stablecoin Libra, left the association just after 5 months.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Morris joined the organization in April and left in August i.e. just two months after the Libra project was publicly announced. At the time, he said that he is "super-excited" to be part of the Libra "adventure" and that "this is just a beginning and much work left to do."

Morris has previously worked with tech firm BitTorrent for nearly a decade - in two stints. His last role was of chief strategy officer, where he led the design and development of BitTorrent’s cryptocurrency project, according to the LinkedIn profile, which adds:

“The work led directly to acquisition discussions which culminated in the acquisition of BitTorrent by TRON in May 2018. The crypto project lives on and is being brought to market under the name "Project Atlas".

Just last week, payments giant PayPal left the Libra Association. Visa, Mastercard and Stripe are also reportedly hesitant to officially join the association as they are concerned with Facebook's handling of data and privacy issues. The three companies have also been asked by U.S. lawmakers to reconsider their partnerships with the Libra Association.