Brave browser's Japanese users will soon be able to receive BAT token

Privacy-focused Brave browser's users in Japan will soon be able to receive its native basic attention token (BAT) as a reward.

Brave recently partnered with Japanese crypto exchange BitFlyer to develop a crypto wallet. Today, the two companies announced that the wallet is under development and is expected to release in November.

The wallet, dubbed "Integrated Wallet," will allow users to trade, as well as receive BAT as a reward. Brave currently cannot reward Japanese users in BAT due to local regulations, so it offers them BAT Points instead.

"Brave users in Japan who are currently opted in to Brave Rewards are receiving BAT Points for viewing ads, but after the release of the Integrated Wallet, will receive BAT in their bitFlyer account linked to the Integrated Wallet," said the two companies.

BAT is currently listed on several exchanges, including BitFlyer, Binance, Coinbase Pro, and Gemini.