The US Postal Service is auditing the crypto policies of its enforcement arm

The inspector general of the U.S. Postal Service is conducting a crypto policy audit for the government agency's law enforcement arm.

According to a notice published on Tuesday, the U.S Postal Service Office of the Inspector General (USPSOIG) said that it intends "to evaluate the effectiveness of the Postal Inspection Service’s policies and procedures for managing cryptocurrency." The notice includes a start date of March 8 and an expected report release date sometime in August.

The United States Postal Inspection Service (USPIS) dates back to the 18th century and, as of 2019, had more than 1,200 active agents within its ranks. The service works to prevent the U.S. mail system from being used for illegal purposes. 

The March 23 notice states that USPIS officers "may use cryptocurrency, while undercover, to expose criminal activity and seize this currency as [a] result of their investigations." At the same time, the IG's office wants to "evaluate the effectiveness" of current policies and procedures, soliciting feedback from other law enforcement agencies.

The questions include:

"What practices or guidelines do other law enforcement agencies follow for acquiring, managing, and seizing cryptocurrency while investigating criminal or illicit activities?... What risks have you encountered while using cryptocurrency?... What kind of training did you receive prior to using cryptocurrency for investigative purposes?... What unique challenges have you encountered while seizing cryptocurrency during an investigation?"

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