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The Scoop Podcast

Hosted by Frank Chaparro

The Scoop brings you timely conversations with the people who are defining the crypto, web3 and digital assets. From breaking news to billion dollar fundraises, The Scoop delivers the stories shaping the industry. Hosted by The Block's Editor-at-Large, Frank Chaparro.

Episode 29
05.22.24 2:48PM EDT

CoinFund founder and CEO Jake Brukhman discusses the intersection of AI and blockchain as well as changes to the crypto VC landscape. 

Episode 28
05.20.24 12:09PM EDT

Stellar Development Foundation CEO Denelle Dixon discusses the crypto industry’s progress toward creating more equitable access to the global financial system.

Episode 27
05.16.24 9:03AM EDT

Bitnomial founder & CEO Luke Hoersten explains how crypto rails can make the global derivatives market more efficient.

Episode 26
05.13.24 12:04PM EDT

Split Capital founder and CIO Zaheer Ebtikar explores the shift in focus from crypto venture to liquid investments in the crypto market.

Episode 25
05.07.24 3:15PM EDT

PV01 founder Max Boonen discusses the challenges of accessing debt and the potential of tokenization to overhaul this aspect of capital markets.

Episode 24
05.03.24 8:10AM EDT

Figure Markets co-founder and CEO Mike Cagney unpacks his vision for how everything will one-day be traded onchain without the need for third party brokers or lenders.

Episode 23
05.01.24 5:43AM EDT

Volt Capital managing partner Soona Amhaz explores the trends shaping crypto’s venture market.

Episode 22
04.26.24 11:45AM EDT

Euler’s co-founder reveals how last year’s $200M exploit shaped the design of Euler V2.

Episode 21
04.19.24 2:37PM EDT

HackVC partner Roshun Patel shares how the crypto market has matured since the credit crunch of 2022.

Episode 20
04.16.24 8:34AM EDT

Variant general partner Li Jin explores how different types of memecoins capture and monetize attention.