Blockchain-Based Gaming: A Primer — Brought to you by Forte

The Block Research was commissioned by Forte to create “Blockchain-Based Gaming: A Primer” which provides a comprehensive introduction to how blockchain technology is being employed in video gaming experiences.

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The video gaming industry is evolving across several dimensions.

User experiences are transforming. In-person split-screen play has given way to massively distributed online games with global reach. Virtual and augmented reality primitives are immersing gamers in increasingly realistic alternative and borderless digital worlds.

Business models are evolving. Monetization through sales of physical games in-store has given way to free-to-play games monetized through in-game purchases and advertising. eSports tournaments and streaming services such as Twitch are giving gamers a “slice” of gaming industry revenues for the first time.

But a new trend is emerging.

Over ten years after the advent of Bitcoin, blockchain technology is being leveraged to redefine gaming experiences for developers and players alike. With innovations such as non-fungible tokens (“NFTs”) and smart contracts, developers have new toolsets for crafting gaming experiences and their related economics.

With the introduction of blockchain technology come new existential questions. What are the incentive structures that align the interests of game developers, players, and spectators? Does the introduction of digital assets merely provide developers a new avenue for extracting rents from gamers? Or does it deliver gamers more enjoyable and more valuable gaming experiences?

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