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Financial Disclosures

The Block is dedicated to transparent journalism and impartial analysis of digital assets, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain technology as well as the people and companies who participate in the crypto ecosystem. An important part of our foundational mission is investigative journalism that critically and fairly assesses all of these ecosystem stakeholders and projects.

As a result, it is critical that The Block is fully transparent about our own financial holdings so as to avoid any appearance of bias or impropriety. The most valuable asset that we hold and strive to earn again every day is our reader's trust. Therefore, we have implemented a financial disclosure policy that is industry leading. Below, you’ll find a list of all of our full time editorial and research staff and contractors, along with any material positions they hold in digital assets or crypto-related projects.

Our threshold for "Owns Digital Assets" is $2,000. We view any figure below that amount to be non-material as an investment, yet critical for our team to utilize and participate in the cryptocurrency ecosystem that we report on, research and analyze.

The Block holds a no trading policy 24 hours prior to and after monthly disclosure which happens on the first Monday of every month.

To limit the potential for researchers and journalists to impact the price of micro-cap digital assets based on changes in holdings, disclosures of sub <$50M fully diluted market cap cryptocurrencies and NFTs are not required to be disclosed (value amount subject to change).

We'll update this table on a monthly basis.

Please note that nothing on this page constitutes, or is meant to constitute, financial advice of any kind and The Block is not responsible for any loss that you suffer as a result of any financial transaction, regardless of whether or not you enter such transaction based in any way upon anything you learn from this page. If you require advice in relation to any financial matter, you should consult an appropriate professional.  

As of Tuesday, June 7th, 2022:


Name Owns Crypto? BTC ETH Do you own NFTs over $2K? Other
Mike McSweeney Yes Yes No   XTZ
Tim Copeland Yes Yes Yes No  
Frank Chaparro Yes Yes Yes   GMT, SOCKS
Aislinn Keely Yes Yes No No  
Yogita Khatri No No No No  
Michael Orcutt No No No    
Kollen Post Yes Yes Yes No ALGO
Ryan Weeks No No No No  
Kristin Majcher No No No    
MK Manoylov No No No No  
Osato Avan-Nomayo Yes Yes Yes No  
Tom Matsuda No No No No  
Lucy Harley-McKeown No No No no  
Anushree Dave No No No no N/A
Davis Teague Yes Yes No    
Catarina Moura No No No No  
Andrew Rummer No No No No  
Vishal Chawla Yes No Yes No  
Callan Quinn No No No No  
Sarah Kopit No No No no  
Mike Millard No No No no  
Adam Mccarthy Yes No Yes No ALGO
Sam Venis Yes No Yes    


Name Owns Crypto? BTC ETH Do you own NFTs over $2K? Other
Larry Cermak Yes Yes Yes Yes SOL, AVAX, LOOKS,
Steven Zheng Yes Yes Yes Yes ROOK, LOOKS
Lars Hoffmann Yes Yes Yes Yes LOOKS
Igor Igamberdiev Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Eden Au Yes Yes Yes Yes ATOM, CRO, FTT, LDO, LOOKS, TXA
Andrew Cahill Yes Yes Yes No ATOM, LOOKS
George Calle Yes Yes Yes No ATOM, LOOKS
Gregory Lim Yes Yes Yes no  
Kevin Peng Yes Yes Yes Yes KDA, LDO, LOOKS, ONE, OP
Afif Bandak Yes Yes Yes No SNX, LINK, LYRA, OP
Arnold Toh Yes Yes Yes Yes MATIC, CRO, LOOKS, PDT
Wolfie Zhao Yes Yes Yes No  
Saurabh Deshpande Yes Yes Yes Yes MINA, LOOKS, PDT, INDI
Rebecca Stevens Yes Yes Yes No  
Edvinas Rupkus No No No No  
Hayden Booms Yes Yes Yes No  
Jae Oh Song Yes Yes Yes Yes CRO
Eric Tong Yes No Yes   MAGIC, ENS, STG
Carlos Guzman Yes Yes Yes No MATIC, ALGO, LINK
Florence Kuria No No No No  
Erina Azmi Yes Yes Yes Yes UWL
Lucas Jevtic Yes Yes Yes No  
Thomas Bialek Yes No Yes Yes BNT, LOOKS
Abraham Eid Yes Yes Yes No LINK
Simon Cousaert Yes No Yes No  
Mohamed Ayadi Yes Yes Yes No  
David Wang Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Hiroki Kotabe Yes Yes Yes No SOL, AVAX, GRT, POKT, XTZ, ALGO
Marcel Bluhm Yes No Yes No AAVE, DYDX, CRV, CVXCRV
Jason Michelson Yes No Yes No SOL, AVAX, DIVI, ATOM
Michael McNelly Yes No Yes   AVAX, ATOM
John Dantoni Yes Yes Yes Yes AVAX, CRV, LOOKS, PERP, SOL, UNI
Wendy Hirata No No No No  
Matt McConnell Yes No Yes No MC, DOT, PARA
Jaiden Percheson Yes No Yes Yes  
Edvin Memet Yes Yes Yes Yes MATIC, CRO, BNB, AVAX, TLOS, ONE
Jose Gutierrez Mares Yes No No No TXA
Kevin Ho Yes Yes Yes No KDA
Atharv Deshpande Yes Yes Yes No  
Benjamin Dimant No No No    
Victor Mahu Yes No Yes No AAVE
Adam Centeno Yes Yes No Yes  
Dipankar Dutta Yes Yes Yes No AVAX, SOL, DOT, MATIC, LINK, XMR
Zach Hobbes Yes Yes Yes No  
Ian Devendorf No No No No