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Our Mission

Empowering smart decisions about the ever-evolving landscape of digital assets.


Our Vision

At The Block, we see digital assets as a ubiquitous part of the future. As this space continues to evolve, we view our role as the trusted moderator and authoritative voice for those who invest in, work with, make decisions about, or seek to understand digital assets. We'll achieve this by delivering objective, impactful, and timely information across our three pillars: news, research, and data.


Who are we

The Block is the leading global information services brand in the digital asset space. Founded in 2018 and based in NYC, The Block's team is spread across 7 times zones, covering the global cryptocurrency and blockchain space 24/7.

Through The Block's website, newsletters, research portal, our podcast "The Scoop", data, and bespoke research engagements, we interact daily with tens of thousands of technologists, financial market participants, Fortune 500 professionals, global service providers, policymakers and more.

The Block delivers deep insight into how this emerging sector interacts with traditional finance, technology, governments, and markets. 


About The Block

The Block is an information services company empowering smart decisions for those who invest in, work with, make decisions about or seek to understand digital assets. For industry news visit us at www.theblock.co or for research and analysis on events shaping the ecosystem, visit www.theblock.pro.


Disclaimer: The Block is an independent media outlet that delivers news, research, and data. As of November 2023, Foresight Ventures is a majority investor of The Block. Foresight Ventures invests in other companies in the crypto space. Crypto exchange Bitget is an anchor LP for Foresight Ventures. The Block continues to operate independently to deliver objective, impactful, and timely information about the crypto industry. Here are our current financial disclosures.