Our Mission

Empowering smart decisions about the ever-evolving landscape of digital assets.


Our Vision

At The Block, we see digital assets as a ubiquitous part of the future. As this space continues to evolve, we view our role as the trusted moderator and authoritative voice for those who invest in, work with, make decisions about, or seek to understand digital assets. We'll achieve this by delivering objective, impactful, and timely information across our three pillars: news, research, and data.


Who are we

The Block is the leading global information services brand in the digital asset space. Founded in 2018 and based in NYC, The Block's team is spread across 7 times zones, covering the global cryptocurrency and blockchain space 24/7.

Through The Block's website, newsletters, research portal, our podcast "The Scoop", data, and bespoke research engagements, we interact daily with tens of thousands of technologists, financial market participants, Fortune 500 professionals, global service providers, policymakers and more.

The Block delivers deep insight into how this emerging sector interacts with traditional finance, technology, governments, and markets. 




        The Block Pro Provides Suite of Research, News and Data Products  
for Organizations Evaluating Opportunities in Digital Assets  


NEW YORK, Jan. 30, 2023 - The Block announced today a new premium suite of seven subscription products called The Block Pro. Consisting of research, news and data, The Block Pro is specifically designed for organizations looking to participate in the digital asset ecosystem. Each product is grounded in data and provides unique insight into the drivers and developments shaping the industry.  

The Block Pro delivers reliable insights with an unmatched level of industry nuance and accuracy thanks to dedicated teams of reporters and analysts with unique expertise in crypto, finance and public policy. From its launch in 2018, The Block has distinguished itself by focusing exclusively on the crypto market and digital asset industry.  Its international teams of researchers and journalists provide analysis and perspective unavailable elsewhere.  

“At a time when people are pulling back, we’re all in,” said Bobby Moran, Interim CEO of The Block. "The launch of The Block Pro brings us one step closer to achieving our mission for our customers, and this product will be the standard for reliable and actionable information in this industry. With unprecedented turmoil in recent months, Pro is a game-changer for organizations already participating in or considering the opportunity to operate in the digital asset space.” 

Moran continued: “We consistently hear from our customers that they are forced to navigate multiple sources of information – some of it inaccurate or superficial. With The Block Pro, industry professionals get the intelligence they need to stay a step ahead and make smarter, more informed decisions.” 

“The Block Pro has been designed with investment teams, analysts and researchers in mind,” said Larry Cermak, Vice President of Research at The Block. “But we also regularly work with founders and project teams who don’t have the capacity to do the deep-dive research or data digs themselves, especially in a fast-moving environment. We believe The Block Pro is an indispensable tool for them.” 

“Cutting through the noise to identify what is credible is a constant challenge in this industry,” said Sarah Kopit, The Block’s editor-in-chief. “The sector-specific reporting of The Block Pro requires a profound understanding of the industry. Our reporters’ deep engagement in the ecosystem is reflected in the accuracy, depth and speed of their stories.  When markets are erratic, a general-interest survey story or tweetstorm isn’t enough. Access to solid, vetted reporting and analysis is critical.” 

The Block Pro provides clients access to: 
The Block Pro News 
Written by the industry’s most entrenched team of reporters, subscribers never miss a beat with deep dives and up-to-the-minute notifications about sector-specific developments shaping the industry. The Block Pro News launches with subscriptions available to three verticals (policy, deals and crypto ecosystems) and delivers content in a variety of ways including via the subscriber-only platform, desktop and email notifications as well as through a subscriber-only Twitter feed. 

The Block Pro Research 
Previously known as The Block Research, this flagship product provides a library of 2000+ in-depth research and analysis reports by the largest team of financial industry and crypto-native research analysts. Professional services support is also available for organizations with bespoke or highly sensitive research projects.   

The Block Pro Data 
Vetted by a team of crypto-native data experts, subscribers can make decisions with the most comprehensive, detailed and accurate datasets available.  The Data Dashboard highlights the dynamics driving market behavior while the Deals Dashboard helps anticipate where the money and the industry are going. Custom dashboard support is also available. 



Clients of The Block Pro can customize a solution appropriate for their organization with subscriptions to one or many products located in one easy-to-use platform. Pricing for a single seat, full enterprise solution (all seven products) starts in the low five figures. 

Organizations looking for more information about The Block Pro can visit www.theblock.pro. 



The Block is the leading information services brand in the digital asset space. Our expertise across research, news and data is unmatched and delivers objective and nuanced insight into how this emerging industry intersects with technology, government, and financial markets. Quite simply, we empower smart decisions for those who invest in, work with, or are interested in learning about digital assets. 

The Block Pro provides research, news and data for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon as a basis for investment decisions.  

MEDIA CONTACT: [email protected]  


The Block Press is managed by The Block’s marketing and communications team and is not a product of The Block’s newsroom. For press questions or requests for comment, please contact 

The Block Announces Participation in Web3 Paywall Experiment


NEW YORK – The Block, an information services company dedicated to digital assets, today announced its participation in Access Protocol, a web3 alternative paywall developed by the Access Foundation. The Block will be the first to integrate the protocol for a portion of its news at www.theblock.co.

The launch of Access Protocol addresses mounting web2 friction points in media for both content creators and consumers. Creators are plagued by increased reliance on individual subscriptions, limited distribution, and reduced content quality while consumers struggle with frustrating sign-up and cancellation processes. Access Protocol aims to improve monetization and distribution for creators and enhance consumers' content accessibility and user experience.

Access Protocol is expected to go live on www.theblock.co in Q4 of 2022. Interested participants will be able to access content through The Block’s website by connecting their crypto wallet and locking Access’s ACS tokens.


About The Block
The Block is an information services company empowering smart decisions for those who invest in, work with, make decisions about or seek to understand digital assets. For industry news visit us at www.theblock.co or for research and analysis on events shaping the ecosystem, visit www.theblock.pro.

Disclaimer: The former CEO and majority shareholder of The Block has disclosed a series of loans from former FTX and Alameda founder Sam Bankman-Fried.