Julian Assange’s brother: AssangeDAO helps Wikileaks founder take legal fight to US

Quick Take

  • AssangeDAO raised $53 million for Julian Assange’s defense against espionage charges.
  • Julian Assange’s brother explains how the funds will let his supporters take the fight to the US.

A DAO set up to provide funds for Julian Assange to fight American espionage charges is helping him take "aggressive" legal action in the US, according to Assange’s brother, Gabriel Shipton.

Speaking on a podcast produced by the privacy-focused crypto project Orchid on Wednesday, Shipton explained that the $53 million donated to the DAO was sent to a German foundation that has been supporting Assange’s defense for several years. The new funds will allow it to take the fight to the US courts as his extradition to America looks ever more likely.

“Particularly in the US, there’s been a real lack of resources to be able to fight the case where it originates,” said Shipton, who is a core contributor to AssangeDAO. “Now Julian has those resources at hand and he can really fight back now rather than just fighting in the courts in the UK, which has been the focus. He can be aggressive and take aggressive legal action and really take it to where the charges originate.”

Assange is facing US charges of illegally obtaining, receiving and disclosing classified information