NFT and metaverse trademark applications for 2022 have already eclipsed 2021's total

Quick Take

  • Almost 4,200 US trademark applications were filed for metaverse, virtual and web3 goods and services from January to August.
  • The same period saw over 5,800 NFT-related patents filed.

The number of metaverse-related trademarks filed so far in 2022 has already eclipsed last year's numbers, as companies seek to protect their IP online.

That's according to data shared by trademark attoney Mike Kondoudis on Tuesday. He recorded 4,182 US trademark applications filed for metaverse, virtual and web3 goods and services from January to August.

Numbers average at 523 a month, peaking in March with a record 759 filings. Last year saw a grand total of 1,866 trademark applications.

The numbers of companies applying for trademarks related to web3 services hit its stride following a court case related to NFT handbags in late 2021. French luxury fashion brand Hermes filed suit against Metabirkin NFT creator Mason Rotherschild, whose OpenSea collection included digital versions of Hermes iconic Birkin bag.

With the case still ongoing, on Aug. 26 the company looked to shore up its web3 brand protection further by also filing a trademark application.

The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has put a stop to several metaverse trademark applications for Gucci and Prada. Filed last year, it became clear that the two individuals filing them — Fenesha Holmes and Reath Mohammed — had no connection to either company.

A similar increase in trademark applications can also be seen in NFT patents. According to Kondoudis, over 5,800 related trademark applications have been filed in 2022. The total for the whole of 2021 was 2,087.

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