Block and Circle are teaming up to onboard crypto's next billion users

Episode 95 of Season 4 of The Scoop was recorded at live at Converge with The Block's Frank Chaparro, Circle's CRO Kash Razzaghi and TBD's Co-Founder & COO Emily Chiu.

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TBD, the crypto focused arm of Jack Dorsey’s Block, is partnering with Circle, the company behind the USDC stablecoin, to unleash the power of stablecoin payments onto the next billion crypto users. 

In this episode of The Scoop, Circle’s Chief Revenue Officer Kash Razzaghi and TBD’s Chief Operating Officer Emily Chiu discuss their new partnership, and explain how their companies’ synergy is going to make it easier to move value back and forth between crypto and the real world economy. 

According to Chiu, the crypto industry is lacking a way to exchange crypto for real world items:

“The minute you nexus upon the real world and commerce in the real world, you need to solve these really hard problems that haven't yet been solved in the space. That's what TBDex does, and we see USDC and stablecoins as a critical bridge for facilitating these transactions.”

One of the first use-cases will be a remittance function that enables payments between the US and Mexico, a corridor that sees billions flow a year. 

TBD hopes its digital identity solution will put users in control of both their identity and data as well as who they share it with. As Chiu explains, these digital identity solutions will hopefully promote global economic empowerment: 

“Regardless of what identity you have, you can create a self-sovereign identity wallet regardless of who you are, there's no intermediary and you need permission from in order to start transacting and engaging with the global economy.

During this episode, Chaparro, Chiu, and Razzaghi also discuss:

  • How this partnership will improve remittances
  • When TBD’s products will launch
  • Why businesses can also benefit from using stablecoins

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