A handshake agreement has kept DeFi from toppling, for now

Quick Take

  • Mika Honkasalo examines the potential link between the $BALD memecoin saga and Alameda Research, and how a crucial handshake deal averted a major crisis in the DeFi lending sector.

Episode 72 of Season 5 of The Scoop was recorded with The Block's Frank Chaparro and Access Protocol creator Mika Honkasalo.

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Mika Honkasalo is a DeFi researcher and the creator of Access Protocol.

In this episode, Honkasalo provides analysis on whether or not the $BALD memecoin saga could have ties to Alameda Research, and how a handshake deal prevented a near on-chain catastrophe in the DeFi lending market. 

01:16 - $BALD debacle on Base
04:51 - $BALD deployer's ties to Alameda
08:14 - What's next for Coinbase's Base
09:16 - Crypto rugpulls
10:39 - Leetswap exploit
11:37 - Curve DeFi leverage
14:38 - Viper exploit
15:44 - OTC Curve buyers
17:37 - What's next for Curve?
19:06 - What's next for DeFi?
21:35 - Closing thoughts

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