GameSwift Announces Revolutionary GameSwift Launcher Powered by GS-Force AI

GameSwift, a trailblazer in the gaming and AI industries, proudly announces the launch of its innovative GameSwift Launcher, powered by the cutting-edge GS-Force AI technology. 

This groundbreaking platform not only redefines gaming experiences but also offers a unique opportunity for players to monetize their GPU power. GameSwift is set to revolutionize the market by combining gaming, AI, and crypto in a seamless ecosystem.

Key Highlights of the GameSwift AI Launcher:

  • Vast Market Potential: Over 1.8 billion gaming computers globally, representing a significant untapped resource of GPU power.
  • Dedicated Development Effort: GameSwift's team devoted 1.5 years to creating this unique platform that enables gamers to monetize their GPU power.
  • Innovative GPU Power Utilization: Players can opt to contribute their GPU power for AI and machine learning computations when not gaming.
  • Generous Revenue Sharing Model: 85% of the revenue generated through this initiative will be distributed to participating players, with compensation available in fiat currency, cryptocurrency, or gift cards.
  • Exclusive Benefits for GS Pay members: Participants in the GS Pay system will receive 15% of the revenue, marking the first introduction of AI real yield in both the crypto and gaming sectors.
  • Anticipated Launcher Upgrade: A major update is scheduled for late December, enabling users to offer their GPU power for AI computations.

A Paradigm Shift in Gaming: The Play and Earn Model

The GameSwift AI Launcher introduces the innovative AI Real Yield model, transforming the gaming industry. This model allows gamers to enjoy their favorite titles while earning by contributing to AI processes. The platform currently supports over 150 games, including popular titles like World of Tanks and Metin2, with plans to expand to 1000 titles by the end of 2024.

How GameSwift AI Launcher Works

GS-Force AI, a mechanism behind the GameSwift AI Launcher, is a proprietary tool designed to sell and monetize gamers' GPU power for AI operations. This approach not only meets the increasing demand for AI computational power but also provides gamers with a novel way to earn.

Benefits to the $GSWIFT Community

GameSwift’s commitment to its community is evident. A significant portion of the profit, 85%, is allocated directly to players, while the rest benefits the participants in the GS Pay system for easy web3 gaming payments. This strategy positions $GSWIFT as a key player in monetizing AI technology.

The Road Ahead


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With an upcoming update, GameSwift is set to start gathering volunteers willing to monetize their processor’s power. This initial phase aims to gauge market demand and fine-tune the infrastructure for mass adoption.

Join the Revolution

GameSwift invites gamers and AI enthusiasts to be part of this groundbreaking journey, merging gaming with AI technology. With a current base of 40,000 players and a target market of 1.8 billion gamers, the potential for growth and monetization is immense.

About GameSwift

GameSwift is at the forefront of integrating gaming, AI, and cryptocurrency. Through its innovative platforms and technologies, GameSwift is committed to providing new monetization avenues for gamers and pushing the boundaries of AI development.