PTC Crypto and IOSG Ventures lead Blade Games $2.4M Seed Round to Build Modular ZK Game Engine

  • ZK onchain game engine builder Blade Games raised $2.4M seed round funding
  • Blade Games’ POC game, Dune Factory will kick off private alpha test in early May, with public test scheduled for late May

Blade Games, an on-chain game studio and infrastructure provider, has successfully closed its $2.4 million seed funding round. The round is co-led by PTC Crypto and IOSG Ventures, with participation from Bonfire Union Ventures, Animoca Ventures, Mantle, ForesightX, Formless Capital, Public Works, Puzzle Ventures, K300 Ventures and others.

The investment will fuel the development and adoption of trustless onchain games building on the WebAssembly and zkVM tech stacks.

"Initially powered by zkWASM, we have developed a ZK onchain game engine where everyone can build their onchain games with C++, Go, Rust and C# code" Blade Games Co-Founder 0xBrawler told The Block. "Through our game engine, onchain game builders can customize their L2/L3, DA layer and zkVM choices."

Games built with Blade Game’s zk game engine can run their game logic in a zkVM, and push the state differences onchain as zkSNARK proofs, which then gets verified on L2s. The ZK game engine currently can process up to 12-15 frames per second, with proof batching features to be released soon. The engine is currently supporting a variety of game studio clients building survival (0xPioneer), tower defense(Dune Factory), RPG and roguelike deck building games. The team also plans to support zkVMs such as RiscZero, and DA layers such as Eigenlayer, Avail, 0G and Greenfield. 

The POC game, Dune Factory, is the industry's first trustless onchain game powered by ZKP. The game features a fusion of tower defense and automation gameplay, and players can engage in base building, arbitrage, PvP raiding to win rewards.