Catizen: The Largest and Fastest-Growing Crypto Gaming Community on Telegram, Surpassing $10 Million in Revenue

According to on-chain data, Catizen's in-game revenue has exceeded $10 million, making it the largest crypto gaming community on the Telegram platform and the fastest-growing application in the TON ecosystem.

Catizen has surpassed 10 million game users, with revenues exceeding $10 million and a stable on-chain user conversion rate of 10%. Notably, over 50% of active users are paying customers, indicating that Catizen has successfully reached the large consumer base that blockchain projects have long been exploring. Catizen aims to develop truly consumer-oriented Web3 applications, becoming actual consumer-grade decentralized applications (The Actual Consumer Dapps).

The TON blockchain ecosystem is experiencing rapid growth, with its unique narrative and impressive data growth becoming a focal point of this bull market. Following Notcoin, the TON blockchain ecosystem has seen the emergence of numerous Tap-to-Earn robot platforms, attracting significant Web2 user traffic. However, many of these projects have yet to achieve actual on-chain user conversion. Telegram users can easily engage in data manipulation through cost-effective means.

To address this, the TON Foundation organized The Open League competition during this ecosystem boom. The competition aims to evaluate the most promising, popular, and on-chain conversion-capable applications within the ecosystem. The Open League comprises Token Rankings and Application Rankings. The Application Rankings are particularly noteworthy, assessing projects based on user base, active users, effective on-chain user detection, and on-chain interaction frequency. This multi-dimensional evaluation ensures fair competition and prevents projects from unfair data manipulation through Telegram or low-cost methods.

Current TON Ecosystem Project Performance

According to the TON official The Open League season rankings, the cat-raising game Catizen ranks first in the Application Rankings, followed by Yescoin in second place, and the inscription project Tonano in third place (as shown in