Sven Henrich on the Fed’s debt trap and why it’s causing more harm than good

Episode 32 of Season 2 of The Scoop was recorded remotely with The Block’s Frank Chaparro and Sven Henrich, founder of Northman Trader.

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The age of the new day trader has come about at an uncertain time for the world and the markets, meaning downturns and upturns are fleeting. Sven Henrich, founder of NorthmanTrader, is an expert at reading the macro signs of the market. On this week's episode of The Scoop, he cautioned against continued interventions by the Federal Reserve that have kept the new generation of traders from a prolonged bear market.

"Everybody is trained to just not expect anything bad to last because we have the wonderful Fed fairies preventing any damage from happening," he said. "That's not how the world has worked for the l