The Block's Frank Chaparro talks Libra on Yahoo! Finance

Picture the scene: The Block's Director of News Frank Chaparro poring over his pre-air notes, his bespectacled face stippled with a hint of semi-permanent 5 o'clock shadow, dabbing lightly at the sweat beading at his brow with a denim hankie, careful not to disturb the TV makeup a production assistant deftly applied in the green room only minutes earlier.

Chaparro sat down with the Yahoo! Finance team to dish on the latest information surrounding Facebook's crypto project, Libra.

Among the topics discussed were the challenges of Facebook moving the coin to a permissionless framework, as well as the attitudes surrounding the more centralized nature of Facebook’s coin both in and out of the crypto community. Chaparro also touched on regulatory questions that could arise due to the coin’s backing by a basket of fiat currencies, including recent remarks of opposition by French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire. Chaparro breaks down Facebook’s ambitious plans for its coin below: