An Uber-like service for logistics, Ahamove & Aura Network Launch Premium Greenovative NFT on SeekHYPE

SeekHYPE is the #1 NFT marketplace on the Aura Network, providing innovative ways to experiment with Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) in real life. It is altering our interactions with digital collectibles.

Ahamove - Uber-Like Logistics Application, Makes Headlines with 24-Hour NFT Membership Sold Out

With the remarkable achievement of selling out 3,333 NFTs in its first release, the success story of Ahamove's Greenovative collection on SeekHYPE continues to unfold.

Ahamove, the Uber-like service for logistics with over 100 million users, 700k merchants, and 66k drivers, is revolutionizing the industry by disrupting traditional business models and addressing the country's logistics challenges.

By incorporating NFTs into its services, Ahamove demonstrates its unwavering commitment to cutting-edge technology. NFT holders enjoy special benefits such as free access to a wide range of Ahamove services. This strategic move aims to enhance the delivery experience for customers while bridging the digital-physical divide. Additionally, Ahamove has prioritized sustainability by adopting electric vehicles, reducing carbon emissions, and promoting a greener logistics future.

Prior to Ahamove's initiative, FPT Play, a leading OTT corporation with over 3 million users, successfully launched The Fox NFT on SeekHYPE, distributing exclusive FPT Play VIP codes to users. This groundbreaking move has paved the way for the integration of NFT utilities into real-life experiences, championed by SeekHYPE.

SeekHYPE: Web2 User-Friendly NFT Marketplace on Aura Network

SeekHYPE is the ultimate destination for Web2 users who want to dive into the world of NFTs. With a user-friendly interface and seamless integration, SeekHYPE breaks down barriers and makes the NFT space accessible to everyone. Incubated on Aura Network, the leading blockchain for NFTs, SeekHYPE ensures secure and transparent transactions and enhances user experience.

Collaborating with the AURA Network, SeekHYPE is propelling the NFT experience to new heights. SeekHYPE leverages its robust infrastructure and network scalability to ensure a seamless and enjoyable trading experience for users around the world. Together, they are reshaping the landscape of digital ownership and empowering creators, collectors, and investors on a global scale.

Unlocking the power of NFTs: SeekHYPE is redefining digital ownership

Imagine owning unique NFTs that bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds. SeekHYPE makes it possible to acquire IRL NFTs, allowing collectors to hold exclusive digital assets with tangible value. Committing to bringing NFT to mass adoption with Aura Network, SeekHYPE opens doors to a new dimension of ownership, whether it's a piece of artwork, limited-edition merchandise, or unforgettable experiences.

Ahamove, Vietnam's leading tech-enabled logistics brand, surpassed FPT Play in popularity last week to emerge as the dominant force in the NFT space. Integrating Ahamove's renowned logistical expertise into the world of digital collectibles has captivated the imaginations of collectors and enthusiasts alike. This exceptional surge in demand further underscores the versatility and breadth of appeal of the NFTs available on SeekHYPE, attracting both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers to the world of digital collections. SeekHYPE is continuously developing versions tailored for professional investors and professional artists, expanding its reach and providing even greater opportunities for engagement and growth.

About Ahamove

Founded in 2015 in Vietnam, Ahamove seeks to solve the hugely inefficient logistics sector. Ahamove serves as a platform connecting suppliers & consumers, capitalizing on excess capacity in the economy to create value for suppliers and reduce the cost for consumers. Ahamove seeks to transform the logistics industry with innovations such as instant order matching, real-time GPS vehicle tracking, 24/7 services and drivers’ rating; fulfilling customers’ moving needs and at the same time helping drivers get more business.

About Aura Network

Aura Network is an ecosystem built to accelerate global NFT adoption. Aura Network focuses on building the Internet of NFTs and bringing NFT and Web3 to the masses.

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About SeekHYPE NFT Marketplace

SeekHYPE is a leading NFT marketplace that strives to bring mass adoption of NFTs to the forefront. With a user-friendly platform, SeekHYPE makes NFTs accessible to Web2 users and offers a wide range of IRL NFT collections.

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