SeekHYPE - The “Blur of Cosmos” with the ambition to be a leading NFT Marketplace by leveraging AI Technology

The rise of NFTs has been one of the most exciting developments in the digital world in recent years, with creators and collectors alike embracing this new form of the digital asset. However, with so many players entering the market, it can be challenging for newcomers to stand out. SeekHYPE, an Advance NFT marketplace, is one such company that’s poised to make a significant impact in the world of NFTs, thanks to their innovative use of AI technology.

SeekHYPE - An ambitious Rookie in the NFT industry 

Founded in response to the growing applications of AI and NFTs, SeekHYPE has been exposed to the international community by its product use cases, with a mission to become a leading NFTs marketplace by leveraging cutting-edge technology. Seeking to provide an immersive and personalized NFT experience for users, SeekHYPE has been hard at work developing a platform that incorporates AI and social intelligence to deliver an unparalleled NFT experience. 

Leverage AI to recommend the best NFT collections based on interest  

At the heart of SeekHYPE's platform is their use of AI technology, which personalizes the NFT search experience and enables users to easily discover, collect, and trade NFTs. By incorporating algorithms that provide personalized recommendations and streamlined navigation, SeekHYPE has been able to develop an advanced NFT marketplace that represents a major breakthrough in NFT technology. 

Help optimize NFT investments via social intelligence 

But SeekHYPE's ambitions go beyond just delivering a cutting-edge product. They're also committed to building a community around their platform, fostering engagement and collaboration among NFT enthusiasts. SeekHYPE believes that social intelligence is just as important as artificial intelligence, and they've developed their platform with this in mind. 

In short, SeekHYPE personalizes the experience and leverages social intelligence to recommend the best NFT collection to fit your taste, for both NFT newbies and pro-collectors. 

So, what are their further steps? 

With a go-to-market strategy focused on user engagement and community building, SeekHYPE is well-positioned to make a significant impact in the world of NFTs. Their innovative use of AI and social intelligence sets them apart from other players in the market, and they're poised to bring NFT to mass adoption in the space. By putting user needs front and center, SeekHYPE is committed to take the NFT experience to the next level and make this exciting new technology accessible to both NFT newbies and pro-collectors. 

SeekHYPE's Testnet has generated significant buzz in the NFT community. With the mainnet set to launch on March 28th, SeekHYPE is positioned to become a major player in the NFT market, with a focus on user engagement and personalization.

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