Fractal set to launch blockchain gaming wallet for non crypto native users

Quick Take

  • Fractal, a gaming focused NFT platform, is launching a non-custodial wallet to seamlessly onboard new users who aren’t familiar with crypto.
  • Using Google accounts, users can start on the Fractal platform without downloading an extension or plugin. 

Fractal, a gaming focused NFT platform, is launching a digital crypto wallet for web3 gamers to make the sign-up process seamless for those unfamiliar with crypto. 

Fractal acts as a marketplace for gaming companies to drop new products to fans, and also serves as a secondary market where gamers can sell NFTs to each other.

A digital wallet, which is used to store and retrieve crypto, is where NFTs purchased on Fractal are currently stored. 

"There's actually not a lot of people who've ever touched a blockchain game. There's around 1.4 million wallets and 3 billion game players out there in the world," said Justin Kan, co-founder of Fractal, in an interview with The Block. Kan previously co-founded Twitch, a popular streaming platform for gamers.

"In order to get [blockchain games] to be much more mainstream, we are going to have to improve the usability side," said Kan. "So we've created a non-custodial wallet... you can log into a game using just Google, and it creates a crypto wallet for you." 

For gamers who're unfamiliar with how crypto wallets work, downloading a chrome extension or plugin and figuring out how it works can be a barrier to entry into the blockchain gaming space. Fractal's new product allows users to start playing a blockchain game in seconds, by creating a Fractal wallet using their existing Google accounts. 

Fractal launched in December 2021, when gaming NFT trade volume was $49 million based on data complied by The Block.

As of June 5, that number sits at around $3.3 million after the decline of popular play-to-earn game Axie Infinity

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