AlphaOrBeta Launches BNB Zone, Revolutionizing Prediction Markets As Binance Labs MVB Season 7 Cohort

AlphaOrBeta, powered by OpinionLabs, launched BNB Zone on March 8th, marking a new milestone in the Binance ecosystem. This launch demonstrates their innovative approach to opinion and prediction markets, providing users with a dynamic platform for engagement and insight sharing. Simultaneously, after being selected as a member of Binance Labs' Most Valuable Builders (MVB) Season 7, AlphaOrBeta accumulated over 100,000 users and a DAU of 10,000 in just two months, securing the Top 1 SocialFi project position on Mantle and ranking fourth on Arbitrum. Following this achievement, the team intends to launch a large reward pool, with details to be announced to the community soon.

AlphaOrBeta has emerged as the inaugural Web3 prediction and polling network, transforming how consumer feedback and projections are viewed, appreciated, and compensated. Not only is the aforementioned launch set to be an absolute game-changer when it comes to Binance’s ecosystem, but it is also indicative of the notion that opinion-sharing and prediction markets are going to be taken more seriously from now on. Unsurprisingly then, AlphaOrBeta had been selected from a slew of potential candidates for the 4th Season of Binance Lab’s MVB (Most V