TeleportDAO: The Key to Unleashing Bitcoin Layer 2 Interoperability

The Bitcoin blockchain is no longer solely a platform for BTC payments. With the introduction of Ordinals (Bitcoin NFTs), developers see opportunities to use this highly secure blockchain for new purposes. Ordinals were just the beginning, leading to ideas like creating fungible tokens on Bitcoin (e.g. BRC-20s, RUNEs) and running smart contracts on it. 

The potential for innovative protocols on Bitcoin has driven up transaction fees, sparking a wave of new ideas. This has led to the development of Bitcoin layer 2 solutions, aiming to move these protocols to a separate layer and use Bitcoin blockchain solely for securing them. 

Numerous Bitcoin layer 2 projects are currently in development, each featuring a unique security model tailored to specific applications and addressing various trade-offs. These projects aim to attract Bitcoin assets and foster the development of consumer-oriented applications. 

A key question is how to securely move as