Canadian 'blockchain consultant' allegedly receives $80,000 for services, provides nothing

Quick Take

  • StoAmigo International, LLC v. Vanbex Group, Inc. et al.
  • An employee of Vanbex promised to handle almost everything for a token sale for $80,000
  • StoAmigo alleges that it paid Vanbex the funds and received nothing in return
  • StoAmigo’s request for refund was denied by Vanbex

Bare-knuckled bitcoin litigation, agents (but not the James Bond kind), and why too much of a good thing isn’t sometimes. This week’s CCM covers each of these as we look at two new crypto lawsuits, and one new opinion. [As always, Rosario summaries are “NMR” and Palley summaries are “SDP”]

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[related id=1]StoAmigo International, LLC v. Vanbex Group, Inc. et al., 2:19-cv-00224, C.D. Ca. January 10, 2019 [NMR]

This is not your typical ICO related lawsuit. No, in this suit the plaintiff is actually an establish