Revolut’s new auto-exchanges allow for hands-free fiat and cryptocurrency transactions

Revolut has introduced auto-exchanges of both fiat and cryptocurrencies, the company has announced. The new feature allows users to exchange money automatically between currencies when a target rate set by a user is reached. The user can opt for any available pair—fiat to fiat, fiat to crypto, or crypto to crypto. All that is needed are funds and setting the target rates—either to take advantage of good exchange rates or to exchange money if the rates have fallen dangerously low.

Revolut has a daily limit of €10,000 on cryptocurrency transactions, and one can make up to 30 transactions a day.

In case of high volatility, transactions will still take place if a rate moves less than 0.75 per cent on either side of your target value of fiat currencies and 5 per cent—in case of cryptocurrencies.