Sia completes hard fork to brick ASIC miners

Sia, the distributed cloud storage blockchain network, completed its planned hard fork that prevents some specialized hardware from mining on the network. Sia's hard fork resets and changes its proof-of-work algorithm. In particular, the fork's purpose was to disable the use of specialized mining hardware manufactured by Bitmain and Innosilicon on the Sia network. David Vorick, the CEO of Sia's parent company Nebulous, said that they "felt that one farm owning 45% of the hash rate was risky, and justified forcing a [proof of work] change". Post fork, the network is reportedly "much more decentralized" despite far fewer miners. As of today, the only ASIC mining equipment available for use on the Sia network is produced by Obelisk, a subsidiary of Nebulous. (Source: CoinDesk)