Crypto asset manager launches new indices tracking groups of privacy and smart contract platform tokens

MVIndex Solutions and Crescent Crypto, a U.S. digital asset manager, has announced the launch of three new cryptocurrency indices, each combining tokens from a different genre; including smart contracts and anonymity.

The CCSMART index tracks “the performance of a market capitalization weighted basket of the largest smart contract platform assets.” Currently, Ethereum takes the first spot, followed by EOS and Stellar. Meanwhile, CCDARK ranks assets by their level of technical anonymity, while CCALT tracks the performance of all the largest cryptocurrencies excluding bitcoin.

To be included, tokens need to fulfill sufficient liquidity and security requirements specific to each index. Meanwhile, eligible exchanges are determined by Crescent Crypto’s investment committee. To be eligible to trade the indices, an exchange must have substantial trading volumes, a strong history of security controls, availability for U.S. investors, and local regulatory compliance.

"The introduction of sector indexes allows investors to stay informed on the performance of specific themes within the digital asset ecosystem," said Christopher Matta, Co-Founder at Crescent. 

Last year, MVIndex Solutions and Crescent Crypto teamed up to publish a broad-based investable index which encompasses all of the largest and most liquid cryptocurrencies.